The Mohair shop

After being sheared, the Mohair is graded and analysed. It is then entrusted to skilled textile manufacturers to be transformed into yarn.
Mohair en Provence, by signing the commercial charter of quality "Le Mohair des Fermes de France", guarantees :

  • That our Angora goats are reared in conditions which respect their well-being and that of the environment
  • That the total process of the creation of Mohair, from the breeding of the animals to the finished product, takes place in Europe
  • That the transformation of the fleece is entrusted to specialists respecting rigorous norms of quality
  • To sell knitted and woven articles corresponding to the standards of quality required by the "Association Interprofessionelle du Mohair Français", (the Interprofessional Association of French Mohair).

Mohair is a unique natural fibre; it is light, lustrous, hard-wearing, warm and comfortable.


  • Woven products : car rugs, blankets, scarves, stoles
  • Knitting wool : Pure kid mohair, kid mohair and silk, pure merino wool
  • Knitted garments : Pull-overs, cardigans, panchos, gloves, socks

Plus accessories : mittens, crochet scarves, woollen hats and berets ...

The mohair boutique is open by appointment on +33 (0)682 802 616