Breeding Angora goats and Merino sheep

We rear a herd of Angora goats and Merino sheep in traditional fashion.
The animals graze on 100 hectares of natural land thus using and maintaining the ecosystems of this area of Provence.


Angora goats
In the eighties, we introduced our first Angora goats, imported from Texas and Australia, into our herds, in collaboration with a group of French breeders. They are bred for their fleece, known as Mohair, which has a naturally silky texture and which is obtained by a twice yearly shearing. At every shearing, the fleece is sorted according to its fineness in order to select the softest hair which is called Kid Mohair. The kids are born in March.
Merino sheep
The Merino race of sheep produces a superior quality wool which is both fine and soft. The lambs are born in September and the herd is sheared in March.